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When to Switch From Stiff to Regular Shaft Flex?

Choosing the right golf club shaft is important for controlling your swing as a golfer. The shaft’s flexibility affects your ability to hit the ball accurately and with the right distance.

If the shaft is too stiff, you may not achieve the desired distance, while a too-flexible shaft can lead to inaccurate shots. Let’s learn when to switch from stiff to regular shaft flex. 

Stiff vs Regular Flex 

Knowing when to switch from stiff to regular shaft.

The difference between stiff and regular flex in golf clubs refers to the flexibility of the club shaft. Stiff flex shafts are less flexible and are better suited for golfers with faster swing speeds and more power, as they provide more control and accuracy.

Regular flex shafts are more flexible and are better suited for golfers with slower swing speeds, as they help to generate more distance and forgiveness.

The choice between stiff and regular flex shafts depends on your individual swing characteristics and preferences.  

When to Switch From Stiff to Regular Shaft Flex?


Slower speed swing is when to switch from stiff to regular shaft.

If you have slower swing speeds, a shaft that is too stiff can negatively impact your game. Consider trying a lighter and more flexible shaft to help improve your distance and accuracy on the course.


When hitting golf balls, pay attention to the carry distance and ball flight. If you notice that the ball is flying lower than desired, it could be a sign that you need a flexible shaft to help launch the ball higher.


Visiting a professional can let you know when to switch from stiff to regular shaft.

Get fitted Visit a golf store for a professional fitting to determine the right club and shaft that fits your swing. Using a launch monitor can help identify if you are using the wrong shaft flex for your game.


With advancements in the golf industry, there are now more options for specific shaft flex to match your average swing speed. Consider trying out senior flex or a flex that matches your swing for better performance on the fairway and with your driver shaft.

Why Shaft Flex Matters?

Shaft flex matters because it directly impacts your ball flight, clubhead speed, and overall performance on the golf course. Choosing the correct shaft stiffness, whether it be regular, stiff, or a stiffer shaft, can lead to greater control and accuracy in your shots. 

What Is Swing Speed in Golf?

Swing speed can let you know when to switch from stiff to regular shaft.

Swing speed in golf refers to the speed at which a golfer swings their club to hit the ball. Factors such as the type of iron used and the shaft material can influence swing speed.

Regular and stiff flex shafts are common options, with graphite shafts offering more flexibility compared to steel.

Professional golfers often opt for stiff flex shafts for the best golf performance, while recreational players with slower swings may choose regular shafts for better control.

The right combination of club and ball can make a significant difference in a golfer’s game.

Tips to Improve Your Swing Speed

• Visit a club fitter to get fitted for the right shaft for your golf swing.

 • Consider trying both regular and stiff shafts to see which one is right for your swing.

• Take into account factors like shaft weight, shaft profile, and shaft specs when selecting a new driver.

• A strong core is essential for generating power and speed in your swing. Focus on exercises that target your abdominal and lower back to improve your core strength.

• Proper technique is crucial for generating maximum speed in your swing. Work with a coach or golf instructor to ensure your form is correct and efficient.

• Consistent practice is key to improving your swing speed. 

• There are specific drills designed to help golfers increase their swing speed. Try incorporating drills like the “Step Change” or “Hinge and Hold” into your practice routine to see improvements in your speed.

Try Shaft Before You Buy

Try before you buy to know when to switch from stiff to regular shaft.

When looking to improve your golf game, it’s important to consider the type of shaft you use in your clubs.

Whether it’s for your fairway woods or irons, trying out an extra stiff or stiff steel shaft can make a big difference.

Shafts come in many different flex options, and finding the right one can greatly impact your performance on the course. 

Don’t underestimate how much the shaft may impact your golf game. By testing out different flex options, you can find the right one that suits your swing and helps you swing the club with more confidence. 

Questions About Golf Shaft

Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers:

How do I know if I should switch from a stiff to a regular shaft flex in my golf club?

A: You should consider switching from a stiff to a regular shaft flex if your swing speed has decreased or if you are struggling to get distance on your shots. 

How can I measure my swing speed to determine if I need a regular or stiff shaft?

You can measure your swing speed using a launch monitor or by visiting a local golf shop that offers club fitting services. Your swing speed will help determine the right shaft flex for your game.

What are the signs that I may be using the wrong shaft flex in my golf club?

If you are struggling to control your shots or if you are not getting the desired distance, it may indicate that you are using the wrong shaft flex. Using a regular shaft when you need a stiff flex, or vice versa, can negatively impact your game.

How important is it to use the correct shaft flex in my golf club?

Using the correct shaft flex is crucial for optimizing your performance on the course. A shaft that matches your swing speed will help you achieve better ball flight, accuracy, and distance.

Can a new golfer benefit from using a regular flex shaft instead of a stiff one?

Yes, Regular may help beginners achieve better launch angles and more distance on their shots.

Finding the Right Flex 

Choosing the right golf shaft is crucial for improving your game. With the right shaft, you can hit the ball further and straighter, adding power to your swing.

Take your time to find the right shaft that makes you feel like a golfing pro, increasing your ball speed by a few mph. 

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