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What Percentage of Golfers Break 90?

Scoring below 90 in golf is a big achievement. And breaking 90 means completing an 18-hole round in 89 strokes or less.

What percentage of golfers break 90? It’s estimated only 25% to 30% score this mark. Golfers aim to score below par on certain holes, known as a birdie. Read on to learn more.

What Does It Mean to Be a Golfer?

What does breaking 90 mean to golfers?

Golfer is someone who plays the golf game and navigates a course using a variety of clubs to hit a small ball into a series of holes with as few strokes as possible. 

They strive to achieve par or better on each hole, and are able to break average score consistently.

Golfers work on their short game to improve their putts and chips around the green, and also focus on course management to avoid hazards such as bunkers and water. A tee shot from the fairway requires precision, making it much harder to play well under pressure.

How Many Golfers Break 90?

Seeing percentage of how many golfers break the 90.

According to the NGF ( National Golf Foundation), only around 25% of golfers are able to break 90 consistently. Breaking 90 is seen as a significant milestone for many recreational golfers.

With the help of a golf pro or golf coach, players can work towards lower scores and achieving this milestone.

What Percentage of Golfers Break 100, 90, 80 and 70?

Score  Percentage  How long it takes
705%10-15 Years 
8021%5-10 Years
9026%5 Years 
10055%1-2 Years 

How To Break 90? 

Golfers who want to consistently break 90 as beginners should focus on several key areas.

It is beginners who get the percentage of golfers to break 90.

1. Practice and dedication are essential – spend time at the driving range working on your golf shots and developing your swing mechanics.

2. Work on your mental game by visualizing successful shots and using positive self-talk.

3. Study the golf course and play conservatively to avoid double bogeys.

4. Keep track of your scores on a scorecard and track your progress towards breaking 90.

Remember that not every beginner golfer will be able to break 90 right away. According to the USGA, only a small percentage of golfers are able to break 90.

Some players may need to focus on breaking 100 first before working towards breaking 90 or even 80. 

Golf Scores and Handicaps

In golf, players aim for the lowest score possible. Three out of four golfers score lower than 90, indicating that most players are skilled.

According to the United States Golf Association, 73.4% of players have a handicap of 17.9 or lower, which measures a player’s skill level. A lower handicap indicates a better golfer. 

Handicaps can help estimate how many players may score under 90 on a typical 18-hole course, indicating above-average skill levels. But, not all golfers have an official handicap, and other factors such as weather or off days can affect a player’s score. 

The handicap system is a useful tool for estimating a golfer’s ability, but it’s not a guarantee of their score. 

Understanding Golfers Without Handicaps

Writing on scorecard to match percentage of golfers to break 90.

Most golfers don’t keep an official handicap, which is a number representing a player’s ability based on past performances. Only about 12.5% of players track their scores officially.

Serious golfers who keep a handicap often score below a certain number of strokes by tracking their progress, practicing consistently, and playing competitively.

 The average golfer who plays casually for fun may not keep a formal score or focus on specific score goals.

For them, golf is more about the experience than the numbers. So when we discuss how well the average golfer plays, it’s important to remember that we’re only considering those who maintain a handicap. 


Here are some questions that you might have:

How many golfers can break 80?

A smaller percentage of golfers, approximately 12%, have the ability to break 80 on a regular basis.

Why do some golfers struggle to break 100?

Golfers who are still trying to break 100 might struggle with their overall game, consistency in their shots, or lack the ability to navigate tough holes without a high score.

Is it common for players to break par on a round of golf?

Breaking par (72) is quite challenging and only very skilled golfers with low handicaps are able to achieve this level of play consistently.

How can I improve my chances of breaking 90 in golf?

Practicing regularly, working on your short game, and improving your course management can all help in your quest to consistently break 90.

What should golfers consider if they want to break their personal best score?

Golfers aiming to break their personal best should also consider their mental game, visualization techniques, and the different skill levels required for each shot on the course.


Some golfers can definitely score below 90, It is not that common. Though not every golfer breaks 90.

It’s a great goal to have, and for those who do it, it’s a big achievement. Golf is a game of patience and perseverance, so keep grinding and improvement will come.

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