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What is a Good Golf Score? A Complete Guide for Golfers

Many people enjoy golf. If you’re new to the game, you’d probably try to aim for the highest score possible. So what is a good golf score?

In short, a good score varies from person to person, depending on different factors. Read this article to discover ways to improve your golf score.

What is an Average Golf Score?

Knowing what is an average golf score.

Golf scores represent how many strokes it took to complete the course—generally, the lower the score, the better. What constitutes a good golf score can vary based on experience, age, gender, skill level, and even slope rating that describes the course difficulty can affect your score.

A casual player’s average golf score of 90 indicates a good game. A more skilled golfer with a deeper understanding of the game and better control aims for a score in the 80s.

A score of 70s or even lower scores represents a highly skilled and experienced player; it takes a lot of practice and experience to get to this level.

Good Golf Score For Beginners

If you’re new to golf, enjoying the game rather than stressing over the scorecard is preferable. Scoring somewhere around 120 is considered a solid benchmark. It means you’re hitting 6 to 7 strokes per hole, which is good.

Remember, regular practice is the only way to improve your score. As you become more comfortable with your golf clubs and course, you will soon score under 110.

Good Golf Score For Women

Guide to what is a good golf score for women.

Women’s tees are closer to holes than men’s. Achieving a score of 90 or 100 for 18 holes is considered a good match. 

Score in Junior Golf

Breaking into double digits is considered a milestone for young golfers under 13. Scoring around 100 is considered significant for this age group.

As junior golfers grow and gain more experience by age 13 to 18, players aim for scores in the 70s or 80s. 

Score in Senior Golf

With age, your flexibility and strength decrease, affecting your golf game and score.

An average score in 90s is considered good for senior golfers. However, scores vary greatly among seniors depending on their skills and experience.

Good Golf Score For 9 Holes

Getting what is a good golf score for 9 Holes.

Many players opt for the short game because they have limited time. A decently good score for an amateur golfer playing 9 holes can lie anywhere between 45 and 50 strokes.

More skilled players often surpass the par score(the number of strokes affected by the slope rating and ); scoring 36 or less indicates a deeper understanding of the game. 

Good Golf Score For 18 Holes

When playing 18 holes par 72 course, scores in the 90s are considered suitable for an average golfer. A score of 100 is considered a solid start if you’re a beginner. 

Skilled players score between the 60s and 70s, indicating their excellent control and dedication to the game.

What is a Good Golf Handicap

Ability to shoot scores as handicap golfer.

A golf handicap is a numerical representation of a golfer’s ability, allowing players on different skill levels to compete on equal footing.

A handicap between 0 and 9 is considered good. It shows consistent play and the ability to shoot scores around par. A low handicap score means a better player.

Remember that the golf course plays a huge role in deciding a good handicap. So, a handicap of 5 on a challenging course might be more impressive than on a more straightforward course.

Tips To Improve Your Golf Score

If you’re looking to improve your golf game, remember that it requires lots of practice, knowledge, and the use of the right tools. Let’s see how you can make golf more fun and exciting.

Right Gears

Using the right equipment can significantly improve your score. It is also essential to select clubs that fit your height and strength. 

Golf Lessons

Taking lessons and practice can get you to a good golf score.

Taking lessons from a professional coach can help you achieve a good score and gain a better knowledge of the game.


Consistent practice can greatly improve your game. Practice areas that are challenging to you, such as putting or driving.

Playing golf regularly will make you more comfortable on the course, help you enhance your skills, and gain more experience.

Play With Skilled Players

It sounds cheesy, but playing with professional golfers can significantly help you change your game level. Observe them and ask questions that bother you. They might share tips and strategies that can help you in the long run.

Stay Fit

Golf requires a lot of strength and fitness. Keeping your health in check can improve your golf swing and allow you to play more.

Follow Rules

Understanding the rules of golf can save you time and unnecessary penalties. Knowing the do’s and don’ts keeps the game flowing smoothly. It’s not only about following rules but also about making sure that everyone on the course can enjoy themselves.

Keep Your Golf Game Up to The Mark

Golf is a challenging game that requires lots of practice and experience to achieve a suitable score. It is essential to dedicate time to improving your skills and not compare your score with others.

Remember, golf is not only about hitting the balls but also about creating a better knowledge of the game and relaxation. So, be patient with yourself, and no matter how big or small your milestone is, cherish it and keep improving!

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