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Mastering Tee Height: How High to Tee Up 3 Wood?

Have you ever watched golfers on TV and wondered how they make it look so easy? Well, one of the tricks is knowing how high to tee up for different clubs. Let’s discuss how high to tee up 3 wood, a club ideal for controlled long shots. 

What’s Teeing Up? 

Learning what is a tee up.

In the game of golf, every new hole begins with a very important first step – placing your golf ball on a small stand known as a tee.

Teeing up correctly can give you a solid start. The tee elevates the ball from the grass, which means you can hit it more easily and with greater control. 

The height of your tee can greatly impact your shot. For a driver, tee the ball higher to hit on the upswing for distance. For irons, tee lower for a controlled spin and accuracy. 

And, What is 3 Wood?

Explaining what is a 3 wood.

In golf, a “3 wood” refers to a type of golf club that has a slightly higher loft than a driver, making it easier to control and hit the ball accurately off the tee or fairway.

It is commonly used for long shots when a player wants more distance than a iron but more accuracy than a driver. 

How to Get Perfect Tee Height for Your 3-Wood?

If you want to hit perfect tee height for your 3 wood, start by setting up your tee around wedge height in the tee box. For those who hit hybrid or 5w, a little higher may be needed.

If you hit fairway wood (fw) higher on the face, a little lower tee may be ideal. The goal is to have the ball sitting middle of the ball at the point of impact.

Srixon, Callaway, TaylorMade, and other brands have different optimal tee height for each club. Adjust the tee setup accordingly, and make sure the ball is slightly above the top edge of the face.

When hitting driver, you may want to tee the ball a little higher to maximize distance. Use a tee that is just sticking out of the ground to ensure the ball is hit high on the face.

Running the risk of a scuff or divot is not ideal. Some tour players prefer the ball a little higher, while others like it a little lower. 

How High to Tee Up 3 Wood?

Learning how high to tee up 3 wood.

When considering how high to tee up a 3 wood, it’s important to find the right balance. Some players prefer to tee it low, similar to hitting a driver, while others like to tee it higher with less spin for a better experience.

The rule of thumb is to tee the ball just slightly off the ground, around two higher than the top of the driver. Jack Nicklaus always teed his 3w the same height as his driver, aiming to hit the ball in the middle for the perfect lie.

When hitting a 3w like a driver, you want to push the tee all the way into the ground, allowing the ball to sit higher on the face of the clubhead. This will help generate backspin and control the angle of attack (AoA).

Why Does Tee Height Matter for a 3-Wood?

Reason for why high to tee up a 3 wood.

Tee height matters for a 3-wood because it affects the trajectory and distance of your shot. If you tee the ball too low, you risk hitting the turf before making contact, resulting in a poor strike.

Conversely, if you tee the ball too high, it may lead to a higher launch angle and less distance. Players would use a different tee height compared to a 5 wood or a driver because of the head of the tee. 

By using a tee sticking way in the ground, you can experiment to find the optimal tee height for your 3-wood.

Some players prefer to have the ball above the top of the clubhead, while others find success with the ball slightly below. It ultimately depends on your swing tendencies and the conditions of the course. 


Practice is what can teach you how high to tee up 3 wood.

Mastering the 3-Wood isn’t much different from perfecting any skill in golf—it demands dedication and repetition.

To improve your tee shots with a 3-wood, consider the height of your tee. This isn’t just about sticking a tee into the ground; it’s about fine-tuning.

The goal is to strike the ball squarely in the middle of the clubface, which is the key to sending it flying straight and far.


Below are some commonly asked questions and their answers: 

How High Should I Tee Up the Golf Ball For Hitting a 3 Wood?

The optimal tee height for hitting a 3 wood is when the equator of the ball aligns with the top of the grass.

Should I Tee it High or Low When Using a Fairway Wood Like a 3 Wood?

When using a fairway wood like a 3 wood, you should tee it lower compared to how you would tee up a driver.

What is The Effect of Teeing the Ball Too High With a 3 wood?

Teeting the ball too high with a 3 wood can lead to hitting the ball above the crown of the club, causing a higher ball flight.

How Does Tee Height Impact The Distance Off the Tee With a 3 Wood?

The tee height can impact the distance off the tee with a 3 wood by affecting the angle of attack and the launch angle of the shot.

Do PGA Tour Golfers Tee the Ball Higher with a 3 Wood or Lower?

PGA Tour golfers often tee the ball lower when using a 3 wood to create a more controlled ball flight and trajectory.

What are Some Tips for Finding the Perfect Tee Height for a 3 Wood?

Experiment with different tee heights to find the one where half the ball sits above the top of the grass, ensuring a solid strike with your 3 wood.

How Does Tee Height Impact The Angle of Attack When Hitting a 3 Wood?

Tee height can influence the angle of attack when hitting a 3 wood, with a slightly higher tee height encouraging a more upward angle of attack for better launch.

Wrapping It Up

So, now you know that for a 3-wood, you want to tee up the ball so it’s level with the top of the club. This helps you hit the ball just right, sending it far and straight down the fairway.

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