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Is Club Champion Worth It? Things You Need To Know

Club Champion is a club fitting company that offers golfers a personalized fitting process to help them find the best clubs for their game. We know it is not something cheap. So, Is club champion worth it

Golf club champion giving the best fitting experience to golfers.

Many golfers wonder if the personalized fitting experience and guarantee of improved performance justify the price tag. 

Let’s explore the pros and cons of becoming a Club Champion member and if it’s truly worth the investment for your game.

What’s Club Fitting?

Club Champion Fitting Price $100-$400

Club fitting is the process of customizing golf clubs to fit a player’s unique swing characteristics. It ensures optimal performance on the course.

A fitter will assess your full bag of clubs, from driver to wedge, using Trackman technology to gather baseline numbers.

Is Club Champion Worth It?

Finding out if club champion is worth it.

Club fitting at Club Champion is an experience like no other.

Their fitters are brand agnostic, so they’re able to offer great options from a wide variety of manufacturers like Taylormade, Callaway, Ping, and more. 

Whether you’re a lefty or a righty, they’ll set the tone for your gamer. So, club champion is worth the money. 

Types of Fitting

The following are categories of fittings and their price ranges.

1. Full Bag Fitting – $350-$500

Club Champion are the best at full bag fitting.

This fitting thoroughly evaluates your entire golf bag, including drivers and putters.

A professional fitter will assess your swing, shot tendencies, and playing style to recommend the best combination of clubs for optimal performance.

This fitting is perfect for golfers who want to upgrade or replace multiple clubs in their bag.

2. Driver Fitting – $100-$200

A driver fitting focuses specifically on finding the best driver for your swing. At Club Champion, Club head technology is constantly evolving.

They are able to find the perfect fit for your game. If you’re going to upgrade from your current clubs, a driver fitting can help you add an extra 280 yards to your drive while maintaining a repeatable swing.

3. Iron Fitting – $100-$200

Finding the best iron fitting is worth it in club champion.

An iron fitting is tailored to finding the right set of irons for your game.

The fitter will evaluate factors such as club length, lie angle, and shaft flex to optimize distance control and consistency with your irons.

This fitting is essential for golfers looking to improve their approach shots and overall ball-striking.

4. Wedge Fitting – $100-$150

A wedge fitting focuses on finding the right combination of wedges to improve your short game performance.

The fitter will assess factors such as bounce, loft, and grind options to recommend wedges that suit your playing style and course conditions.

This fitting is crucial for golfers looking to enhance their scoring around the greens.

5. Putter Fitting – $80-$150

Putter fitting in club champion is worth the game.


A putter fitting is centered around finding a putter that fits your stroke and alignment preferences.

The fitter will analyze your putting stroke, face angle at impact, and visual alignment to recommend a putter that enhances your consistency on the greens.

This fitting is ideal for golfers looking to improve their putting performance and lower their scores. 

What’s Good About It?

Here are reasons why Club Champion stands out as the top choice:

Custom Club Fitting

When you get a club fitting at Club Champion, they are able to perfectly fit your clubheads to ensure optimal performance for your golf game.

The gapping between your 3-wood and hybrid is carefully analyzed, as well as how each clubhead is assembled to maximize your swing speed and ball speed.

Wide Selection of Brands

Selecting from the wide range of golf club champion.

Club Champion carries a wide range of top golf club brands, giving golfers access to the latest equipment and technology in the industry.

Highly Skilled Fitters

Club Champion employs experienced club fitters who are knowledgeable about the latest trends in club technology and can provide expert advice on equipment selection.

Good Performance

Many customers report that their club fitting experience at CC has resulted in good performance.

Lifetime Fitting Guarantee

Club Champion offers a lifetime guarantee on their club fitting services. It allows customers to come back for adjustments or new recommendations as their game and equipment needs change. 

Many golfers find that their dispersion on the fairway improves drastically after a club fitting with Club Champion.

Whether you play titleist, srixon, or any other brand, they are able to customize your clubs so that they perform flawlessly on the course.

What’s Not Good About It? 

While Club Champion is reputable, there are some drawbacks associated with it.


Club Champion’s fitting services can be expensive, making it less accessible to golfers on a budget.


The fitting process at Club Champion can be lengthy, requiring multiple sessions and a significant time commitment.

Limited locations

Club Champion has a limited number of locations, which may make it difficult for some golfers to access their services.

Pressure to purchase

Some golfers may feel pressured to make a purchase after going through the fitting as the company primarily focuses on selling custom-fit clubs. 

Mixed Reviews

Surely the experience you get in club champion is worth it.

Some customers rave about their Club Champion fitting experience. On the other hand others have reported issues with the quality of fittings, customer service, or club recommendations. 

Deciding to Buy After Your Fitting

If you are deciding on a club champion fitting, here are some factors to consider.

Measurements First, No Pressure to Buy

When you go for a fitting, The experts measure your swing, grip, and stance to find the perfect match. Remember, you’re in charge.

Just because you got measured doesn’t mean you have to buy anything. It’s totally okay to walk away.

Custom Clubs Built Just for You

Club Champion creates custom golf clubs tailored specifically to your measurements and playing style. CC maximizes your performance on the course.

Delivered to Your Door

Convenience is key – once your clubs are ready, they’ll be sent directly to your door for immediate use. 

A Worthwhile Investment

Custom-made clubs may cost more, but they’re an investment in your game. With a better fit and improved performance, you could see the best results on the course. 

Improving Your Game

Custom clubs can improve your accuracy and consistency on the course, making them a game-changer for serious golfers.


Frequently asked questions and their answers

How does Club Champion help golfers improve their game?

Club Champion helps golfers improve their game. It provides custom-fitted clubs that are optimized for their swing. It results in better performance and consistency on the course.

Is investing in a Club Champion fitting worth the cost?

Investing in a Club Champion fitting can be worth it for serious golfers who are looking to improve their game. 

What sets Club Champion apart from other club fitting options?

It stands out from other club fitting options due to its extensive selection of club components, and advance technology.

Can Club Champion fittings really help golfers gain more distance and accuracy?

Yes, Club Champion fittings can help golfers gain more distance and accuracy. It makes sure that the clubs are properly fitted to their swing characteristics. 

How often should golfers consider getting a new Club Champion fitting?

Golfers should consider getting a new CC fitting if their swing has changed. If they are upgrading to new clubs, or if they are looking to improve their game.

So, Should You Get Fitted?

From what we’ve learned, it seems like a good idea. Your clubs will fit you so well, you’ll just have to worry about playing the game, not if your clubs are messing you up. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to improve your game. 

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