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How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh? Everything You Need to Know

Having your own golf cart can be a great thing, but before you start loading it with stuff you must know its weight this is because it affects the cart’s performance and carrying capacity. So how much does a golf cart weigh?

Well, there are many factors that affect weight of a cart. Read further to find out everything you need to know before buying one!

Understanding the Different Types of Weights of a Golf Cart

Types of golf cart weigh.

A standard golf cart typically weighs between 500 and 1100 pounds, but the weight can vary depending on the model, features and brand of the cart. 

The first thing you’ll hear while discussing a golf cart’s weight will be these two terms

  • Dry weight: It is the starting weight of the cart without any passengers or accessories.

  • Curb weight: It is the total weight of the cart, including the battery and all the other stuff.

Paying attention to the dry weight and curb weight of your golf cart is essential. Doing so will help you determine a golf carts weight limit, its characteristics and whether it is suitable for you.

Factors Affecting A Golf Carts Weight

As I said before, several factors decide the weight of the golf cart. Before buying a cart, you must consider all of these.

Factors that affects on how much does a golf cart weigh.

Brand and Model of the Cart

The weight of golf carts can vary depending on the brand and model. Different manufacturers use different materials to build them. Some might use light materials like aluminum, while others may use sturdier metals like steel.

The type of cart also plays a role in weight. Electric carts weigh less than gas golf carts.

Accessories and Modifications

Adding features such as large wheels and a stronger engine can make your cart run smoothly, but they will also add a few extra pounds to its total weight.

Seating Capacity

Different golf carts have different seating arrangements that can add weight. A 6 seater golf cart weighs more than a 2 or 4 seater golf cart.

Content of your Club Car

All the things you carry, such as your golf clubs or beverages, affect the weight of your cart. The more you pack, the heavier your cart will be.

How Much Extra Weight Do Batteries Add?

Golf cart batteries weigh 50 to 80 pounds, which is more than the weight of your clubs and other stuff.

Different batteries, such as 6 volts, 8 volts, or 12 volts, are used to power your cart. Remember that a battery with a higher voltage doesn’t mean it will be heavier; the weight depends on the material and amount of lead used inside the battery.

It is essential to consider the battery weight of your golf cart, as it affects how easily you can maneuver it around the golf course. 

How Much Weight Can a Golf Cart Tow?

Maximum of how much does a golf cart can tow weigh.

The average weight that a golf cart can tow is 1000 pounds, but remember that not all golf cart models have the same capacity. A few things can affect your cart’s towing power.

For example, depending on the type of golf cart engine, electric golf carts can have less towing power than gas-powered golf carts. The landscape you’re driving on and the weight of a golf cart can also significantly impact its towing ability.

So, How Much Does Your Golf Cart Weigh?

A golf cart can be used in multiple ways, and it can add some fun to your golfing experience. If you’re thinking about getting one, it is essential to know the weight of the club car golf cart.

By keeping all these things in mind, you can make an informed decision when choosing a cart that best suits your needs.

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