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Do Golf Carts Have Titles and Why Does it Matter?

Golf carts are becoming pretty trendy these days, and every other person is planning to buy one. I’m quite sure everyone is probably wondering, Do golf carts have titles?

Honestly, there’s no simple answer to this, because every state has different rules. But it’s still a good idea to have a title. Why? Let’s discover together.

Understanding The Versatility and Types of Golf Carts

Types of golf carts with their titles.

People directly assume that a golf cart is only for golf courses, but that’s not the case anymore. These days, many gated communities allow flexible usage of golf carts. Many towns also will enable you to use on public roads for quick trips.

When it comes to selecting golf carts, you have two options.

  • Gas-powered vehicles are known for their endurance and ability to travel easily in hilly areas.

  • Electric golf carts are silent, environmentally friendly, and cheap to run. 

Understanding Why Golf Carts Have Titles?

Why do golf carts have titles?

A golf cart title is a very important document; it is legal proof of ownership. As I said before, there’s no simple answer to this question, as rules vary from state to state. Some areas allow you to drive a golf cart on public roads without any paperwork, while other areas require titles and proper documentation. 

It is best to check the rules in your area; even if you’re allowed to drive golf carts without a title, it is wise to have one because regulations can change, plus it will be beneficial if you ever decide to sell it.

You can get all the information needed to register your golf cart from the DMV or local vehicle registration office. 

What is a VIN Number?

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is your golf cart code. It is a unique set of numbers and letters that act as an ID for your golf cart. 

A VIN holds important information about your golf cart, such as its model, where it was manufactured, and year. This information can also prevent you from buying stolen carts. 

It is stamped mainly on the golf cart’s frame or under the seat. Knowing this number is essential; without it, you can have trouble registering your cart. 

How To Register Your Low-speed Vehicle?

Registering Low Speed Vehicle golf carts and having titles.

Just like a normal car, your golf cart also needs to be registered, especially if you’re planning to drive it beyond a traditional golf course. Without registration, you will only be allowed to drive your cart on private properties or in a few areas.

It is a simple process: visit your local department of motor vehicle with the documents you need, such as a bill of sale (which represents the price you paid to the seller) and proof of ownership. 

You will be required to fill out the application form, which asks about your serial number and other details. Lastly, you will pay fees to get everything done. In a week or two, you will receive your registration plate.

Street-Legal Golf Carts

Street Legal golf cart insuring for title.

Before driving a golf cart, you should know about the safety features it needs to be street legal. It’s essential to check these requirements before you hit the road.

  • Seat belts
  • Brake lights
  • Turn signals
  • Low-speed vehicle sign for street use

Every state has different laws and regulations regarding making a golf cart street-legal, so it’s a good idea to check with your local authorities and get the specific requirements for your area.

How Do You Transfer Golf Cart Ownership?

When you think about selling your golf cart, there are some rules you need to follow to make the title transfer easy for the new owner.

The first thing you need is a bill of sale. If your cart has an ownership certificate, you must sign the title to the other party. Lastly, you should inform your local DMV about the new owner. 

What Happens If You Don’t Have a Golf Cart Title?

One common question that arises among golf cart owners is whether golf carts require a title. Every state has different rules, but it is important that you have all the documents before operating a golf cart and making it legal for road use.

You May Unintentionally Buy a Stolen Golf Cart

One important feature of obtaining a title is having access to all the details. Without a title, you might end up buying a golf cart that someone has reported stolen. Having a title confirms the sale is legit.

You Won’t Have Proof That It’s Yours

Think logically: Without a title, how will you prove that a golf cart is yours? You need a title to prove ownership of a golf cart.

You Can Run Into Problems When Selling It

Without a title, it will be difficult to sell your golf cart. Many buyers will find it sketchy to purchase a golf cart without any legal paperwork.

Getting An Insurance Claim Can Be Challenging

If, at some point, your golf cart may get damaged or stolen, you’ll likely want to file an insurance claim to get it fixed. These companies require proof that you own the cart; a title is the best proof to show.

So Yeah, Your Golf Cart Needs a Title

Golf carts have become a convenient mode of transportation. If you’re also thinking about getting one, it is important to know all the legalities surrounding golf carts.

By now, you must have understood the importance of a golf cart title. It is always best to obey rules and protect yourself and others from unnecessary troubles. 

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